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Web analytics gives us the opportunity to track the results of marketing efforts in real time. We can see who does what in the checkout flow and optimize our digital presence accordingly. A cornerstone within e-commerce. At the same time, a big question mark is often left concerning something equally important – the physical stores. Retail intelligence lets you connect your physical and digital data, so that you can measure and analyze the complete results.

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More than just visitor numbers

There are many benefits to a measurable store flow. Depending on how the data points in the store are implemented, their values can be expanded and connected to sales figures. Is the product clearly displayed after launch? Does it sell? Is the store layout logical? Which part of the store gets the least amount of traffic? How does that affect our sales? Previously, the best answers we could hope for were educated guesses – often associated with time consuming collection of scattered data. Now we can replace guesswork with facts.

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How does Retail Intelligence work?

Retail Intelligence is made up of a network of cameras that register the visitors movement in the store, without identification – the visitor remains anonymous. The system does not replace surveillance cameras – it is only installed for the specific purpose of measuring the store traffic.

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Scalable to suit your business

Retail Intelligence is a subscription service and the cost structure varies depending on the number and complexity of the data points required. But the low investment treshold makes it a solution well suited for both large retail chains and smaller individual players.

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